from 04/04/24

The CPA supports the initiative taken by the Belgian professional cyclists' association BPCA, a member of the CPA, to defend the riders against violent and disrespectful gestures from the public.

In recent days, BPCA has taken legal action against people who threw beer at MVDP and other riders during the Tour of Flanders on the Oude Kwaremont.

"We want something to be done about those who spoil the atmosphere for everyone," says Bert Scheirlinckx, secretary general of the BPCA, "We are prepared to go all the way with our civil action as long as certain rude fans are punished and stop spoiling the spectacle that our beautiful sport has to offer.."

The CPA calls on the public to behave respectfully towards the riders, who are busy doing their job. Cycling races, as well as being a great spectacle for millions of spectators, represent for the athletes the result of hard work and preparation that can be thwarted in a matter of moments by unreasonable, even violent, actions on the part of spectators. An athlete's career and physical safety are put at risk every time fans push or touch athletes as they pass, take selfies, bend over, even with objects, and create obstacles to their progress in any way.

The safety of the riders is in everyone's hands - let's use them to applaud them, not to cause them trouble!

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