UCI Commissions

The presence of the CPA in the Commissions of the UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) ensures the defence of the riders’ rights

The CPA works to ensure that the riders' rights are respected across all UCI Committees in charge of taking action or implementing reforms having an impact on pro riders.
CPA sits on the Safety Committee, Materials and Mechanical Doping committee, CADF, Professional Cycling Council (CCP), Prize Management Committee, as well as in all Working Groups that are set up to pursue specific goals.

The members of CPA representing riders within the main UCI Committees are:

  • Gianni Bugno, president of the CPA, sits on the CCP (Professional Cycling Council) which gathers three times a year and brings together all cycling representations: CPA, Athletes Committee, AIOCC, AIGCP, and the members of UCI
  • Pascal Chanteur, vice president of the CPA, participates in the Working Group for Safety and technical regulation and in the Materials and Mechanical Doping Committee, which gather multiple times a year to discuss safety measures to apply in races as well as debate on new materials and technologies, such as disc brakes
  • Xavier Jan (UNCP) sits in the CADF, Commission Anti Doping Foundation
  • Xavier Jan (UNCP), David Chassot (CPA), Cristian Salvato (ACCPI), Josè Rodriguez (ACP) participate in the Prize Management Working Group, which gathers if and when necessary to discuss the new project concerning centralised prize management

Here are the key achievement of CPA within the above mentioned committees and groups:

Riders EWP Delegate

Pascal Chanteur will be the CPA delegate and Extreme Weather Protocol riders representative at Grand Prix du Morbihan.

Joint agreement

Every two years, the CPA & the AIGCP sign a new joint agreement which establishes the minimum standards for working conditions such as wages and insurance.

CPA’s projects

The association “Cyclistes Professionnels Associés” represents the interests of the professional riders and their safety during the races come always first.

CPA Women

CPA Women is part of CPA and is the only international association of professional female riders, giving female athletes a voice.