There are many goals that CPA has achieved, but there are always many new challenges to be faced in an environment that never stops evolving.

The strength of CPA is the same as that of the riders: not giving up in the face of difficulties and always setting new goals to achieve.



Goal #1: Riders obtained the same rights as the other cycling families  

Over the years the CPA has joined all the important UCI commissions: road, materials, anti-doping and medical, safety commissions, rider/team relations, prize management. Riders can make their voices heard like never before and actively participate in all the reflections engaged on the evolution of cycling. The CPA Women is fighting to have the same representation for women as well.


Goal #2: All riders can have an active part and representation in the CPA

Thanks to the work of the CPA, new national riders' associations have been founded in the last years (in the USA, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Poland and Colombia), which can dialogue with the UCI and the other stakeholders. The new statutes with electronic voting, the Riders' Council and the official entry of women in the CPA guarantee even greater representation and involvement of the members in the work of the union.


Goal #3: Ensure the payment of the prizes and make the money flow transparent

The CPA promoted the prize money platform that allows a centralised management in which all stakeholders are involved to ensure transparent and secure money flow. Today it is finally possible to control the payment of prizes and intervene if they are not delivered.


Goal #4: Optimising the Transition Fund of the riders

The CPA has done significant debt collection work on the Transitions Fund in cooperation with the UCI and has adapted the regulation of the fund to the emergencies situations (e.g. the Covid pandemic). All riders can now count on the fund, in deferred payments adapted to available resources, even in the most difficult economic times. The CPA has also always looked for extra resources to finance the transition of the riders.


Goal #5: Safety of the riders

There is still a lot to be done on this priority but CPA has worked hard to achieve improvements for riders. For example sending delegates at the most important races, encouraging more communication on problems between riders, organisers and UCI with telegram groups and surveys of the riders, and by intervening on the various problems both on the ground and in the safety committees where numerous demands were made in favour of riders safety. The CPA succeeded in obtaining the protocol for the extreme weather conditions and rider safety, a study on barriers and many small and big achievements in every race.


Goal #6: More races and more doors opening for women

Thanks to the great work of the CPA Women, directed by Alessandra Cappellotto, many achievements have been made for women cyclists. Many associations have opened up to the women's world and in some countries ad hoc associations have been founded for female athletes, like AFCC in France since 2019. The women's movement is growing a lot and thanks to the collaboration of the riders' representatives with the other stakeholders, the number of races is increasing (e.g. the CPA Women has contributed to the revival of Le Tour de France Femmes), visibility, prizes, contracts and security for women cyclists is improving. A specific example? Maternity is finally recognized and women can have children and continue their careers.


Goal #7: Prize money increase

In recent months, the CPA has been negotiating the revaluation of the race prize grid, which has been stagnant for too long. The UCI Steering Committee, in response, validated a regulatory change that allowed for the elimination of deductions from prizes related to funding the transition fund, CPA, national associations and prize management costs. In order to continue funding all of these entities, the UCI Board gave the green light to a fee equivalent to the abolished deductions, which will be billed directly to organizers. All of these regulatory changes will result in an 11.12 percent increase of the prizes for the 2023 season for World Tour and Pro-series races, with a more gradual increase during 2023 and 2024 for Class 1 races, which have more limited financial capacity. UCI amended the deduction for doping funding by increasing it from 2 to 2.7 percent.


Goal #8: Safeguard of the riders interests in the medical and anti-doping commission

The CPA always defends the position of riders in the ITA administration and in the medical and anti-doping commission. The CPA defends the interests of the riders towards the other stakeholders and intervenes whenever there are suspicions of abuses or impositions that are too heavy, to guarantee their health and their respect.


Goal #9: Improving the Joint Agreement

The CPA is working to improve the working conditions of the riders such as minimum wages, insurances, exploitation of image rights. The Joint Agreement between riders and teams that sets the rules for contracts needs to be regularly revised and improved for the sake of the weaker riders.


Goal #10: Improving communication with and for the riders

The CPA makes a constant effort to improve communication with the riders. Telegram groups at races and with team reps, rider surveys, online meetings to discuss important topics, and, on the ground, CPA delegates at races or participation in the training camps are some of the ways the CPA interfaces with riders. Soon an application created for the athletes members of the CPA will allow better interaction between the association and the riders.


Goal #11: Development of a post-career platform

CPA is working on a platform for the transition of the riders. This project, already in place in some countries thanks to national associations, aims to help riders after their cycling activity. The goal is to accompany riders during and after their careers towards new employment.


Riders EWP Delegate

Mr. Adam Hansenwill be the CPA delegate and Extreme Weather Protocol riders representative at Skoda Tour de Luxembourg.

Joint agreement

Every two years, the CPA & the AIGCP sign a new joint agreement which establishes the minimum standards for working conditions such as wages and insurance.

CPA’s projects

The association “Cyclistes Professionnels Associés” represents the interests of the professional riders and their safety during the races come always first.

CPA Women

CPA Women is part of CPA and is the only international association of professional female riders, giving female athletes a voice.