Safety, wage increase and prize money increase

The objectives achieved by the CPA are many! The CPA works daily to defend the interests of the riders, both in individual problems as well as in projects involving all riders and their profession

The most important goals achieved by the CPA in the past few years and a list of upcoming new projects:

  • Implementation of a plan to improve the safety of the riders during the races (Safety plan)
  • The Organisers Specifications
  • Implementation of an extreme weather protocol to apply during the races (UCI regulations)
  • Introduction of special safety conditions to apply to disc brake tests
  • The implementation of the project “ delegate of the CPA" at the World Tour races to assist the riders and help them to make their opinion count to the various parties involved in the race
  • Implementation of a plan concerning the centralised and automated management of the prizes of pro riders with a view to cutting management costs, improving transparency, tax traceability, and control over payments
  • Creation of the women's division of CPA to foster the development of women's cycling. CPA Women ties in with the men's association to defend the interests of women athletes

The most remarkable progress made by the CPA with the renewal of the Joint Agreement:

  • Increased minimum wage
  • Legal mediation free of charge in the event of disputes between riders and teams
  • Improved insurance coverage (discussion in progress)

Summary of the main goals achieved in the dialogue with the organisers:

  • Increase in prizes for the Tour de France and the Vuelta (+ €200,000 starting from 2017), increase in prize for the Giro d’Italia starting in 2018 (+10%)
  • Improved logistics and accommodation for riders (travel expenses, hotels during key races)
  • Presence of a CPA delegate during World Tour races, who will be able to take action in defence of the riders if and when required

Upcoming goals:

  • Continuous improvement of safety during races by means of a Safety Committee, of which the CPA delegate will be part
  • Implementation of the plan for the management of riders' prizes
  • Increase in prizes for key World Tour races
  • Creation of new national associations, members of the CPA, in all countries where pro cycling is present
  • Improved insurance standards as set forth in the Joint Agreement
  • Increased effectiveness of the Carrier and Transition Fund for riders
  • Improved working conditions for Continental riders
  • Assistance to CPA Women in pursuing its goals
Riders EWP Delegate

Cristian Salvatowill be the CPA delegate and Extreme Weather Protocol riders representative at Il Lombardia.

Joint agreement

Every two years, the CPA & the AIGCP sign a new joint agreement which establishes the minimum standards for working conditions such as wages and insurance.

CPA’s projects

The association “Cyclistes Professionnels Associés” represents the interests of the professional riders and their safety during the races come always first.

CPA Women

CPA Women is part of CPA and is the only international association of professional female riders, giving female athletes a voice.