Here's how to do it and the benefits you'll get

Register with the Professional Rider Association offers several benefits. In fact, at no cost, riders will be able to receive assistance on any problems inherent in their work and be kept up-to-date on news concerning the activities, successes, and battles that the CPA carries out on behalf of the category.

Here are some of the areas in which riders will be able to receive help from CPA:

- disputes with teams over contracts or working conditions,
- assistance on application for the team bank guarantees,
- safety issues at races,
- difficulties over insurance reimbursements in the event of accidents,
- inquiries regarding prizes or tax certifications for the same,
- need for clarification of regulations or doping controls,
- report of abuse of any kind that one believes he or she has suffered
- claims against teams, organisers, UCI, federations, media, spectators
- any requests to defend his or her rights.

Only riders who have registered with the CPA will be able to:

- vote in CPA president elections,
- vote in all decisions made at CPA assemblies,
- join the CPA Council of Riders,
- take a proactive role in the CPA and propose ideas to be brought to the cycling stakeholders
- use the myCPA App.

Only riders who have registered with the CPA will be able to take advantage of myCPA APP, which allows them to:

- Voting remotely at CPA assemblies.
- Receive official communications of the races
- Have news on the CPA activities
- Participate in official Race Groups on Telegram and related race polls
- Use the application for current and future functions

Once you have registered with the CPA, download myCPA on the Android or Apple stores!

Google Play Store  -  Apple App Store 

National rider associations

Riders can participate in the life of the CPA either as individual members or through their national association. These bodies have existed for a very long time in many nations to help the category of riders in their country. Their function is crucial in safeguarding the rights and improving the working conditions of the professional cyclists at the local level. The CPA is ready to support the establishment of new rider associations around the world and has provided funds to do so.

If you are looking to establish a new national riders' association that is not yet registered with the CPA, click here for the guidelines for your initiative.

If you are a professional rider(*) and want to register with the CPA or CPA Women, or if you are interested in creating a new riders' association in your country, click on the links below:

(*) for men: all riders who have a contract with WT and PCT Teams
(*) for women: all riders who have a contract with WWT teams
All riders who do not belong to the above teams please write to: info@cpacycling.com before sending the membership request

Create association member Join CPA Join CPA Women
Riders EWP Delegate

Mr Pascal Chanteurwill be the CPA delegate and Extreme Weather Protocol riders representative at Tour de France

Joint agreement

Every two years, the CPA & the AIGCP sign a new joint agreement which establishes the minimum standards for working conditions such as wages and insurance.

CPA’s projects

The association “Cyclistes Professionnels Associés” represents the interests of the professional riders and their safety during the races come always first.

CPA Women

CPA Women is part of CPA and is the only international association of professional female riders, giving female athletes a voice.