CPA’s security plan

The safety of the riders during the races is the greatest concern of CPA and so they are constantly improving the security measures

Following a number of accidents in various races, the CPA has taken inputs and contributions from riders and developed a plan aimed at improving preventive safety measures. The plan was presented to the Working group on Technical Regulation of the UCI in 2016.
In April 2017, the UCI published the Specifications for WorldTour organisers, which integrate various aspects of the CPA Safety Plan and has entered into force for the 2018 season.

Read the WorldTour Specifications of the UCI


The most important new safety rules adopted by the UCI in WorldTour races:

Several weeks prior to the beginning of the competition, the organiser will carry out a thorough recognition of the final 3 kilometres of the race route - and of each stage, if needed.
The organiser will assess possible risks and take every necessary action in order to ensure safety in the event that the risks are listed as high.
The risk assessment carried out by the organiser will be submitted to both UCI administration and the President of the Collège des Commissaires several weeks prior to the beginning of the competition.

The organiser will provide the teams, in a time span varying between several days and several weeks prior to the beginning of the race, with video footage of the final (3 to 5 km) kilometres of the race or of each stage of the race, pointing out possible hazards, specific difficulties, traffic flow in roundabouts, etc.

The organiser will ensure that the race is preceded, by between several tens of minutes to several minutes, by one or more course reconnaissance vehicles, particularly that of the person in charge of safety and environment. The latter is responsible for taking any action deemed necessary in the event of an unforeseen risk.

Along the finish straight, between a minimum of the final 300 to 500 metres, the organiser is to install barriers with hidden bases, such that the feet of the barriers do not encroach on the roadway, or barriers whose feet are covered by panels.

Riders EWP Delegate

Cristian Salvatowill be the CPA delegate and Extreme Weather Protocol riders representative at Il Lombardia.

Joint agreement

Every two years, the CPA & the AIGCP sign a new joint agreement which establishes the minimum standards for working conditions such as wages and insurance.

CPA’s projects

The association “Cyclistes Professionnels Associés” represents the interests of the professional riders and their safety during the races come always first.

CPA Women

CPA Women is part of CPA and is the only international association of professional female riders, giving female athletes a voice.