Career and Transition Fund

Application form and regulations

The Career and Transition Fund is a fund financed by a 5% deduction on the prizes of all International Elite races during the season. Under certain conditions which must be complied with, the sums thus accumulated can be disbursed to cyclists who end their careers, as compensation intended primarily to assist in their professional retraining.

"In recent years, the demographic evolution of the bunch and the globalization of cycling have significantly changed the projections which had been made during the initial study carried out before the creation of the Career Fund. There has been an increase in the overall number of teams worldwide, an increase in the average number of riders per team and, as a result, an increase in the overall number of riders and, by the same token, in the number of requests addressed to the CPA to receive help for access to the fund.

At the same time, the amount of prize money has not increased proportionally, while the globalization of cycling has made it even more difficult to collect the prizes.
In recent years, in response to repeated breaches by several organizers, the CPA has not hesitated to use its own funds to deal with this growing number of requests.
In this way, all the riders who met the requirements and who had applied for access to the Fund have always been properly paid so far.
In order to ensure that the amount of the Fund remains sufficient to meet future requests and to improve this "support system to the training and retraining of riders", the CPA has launched a study which will help us make the Fund more effective in the years to come.

At the same time, following numerous requests made by the CPA to the UCI in recent years, the International Cycling Federation and the CPA have undertaken to collaborate closely for the settlement of the outstanding payments accumulated over the past few years by some organizers.
In addition, the centralized digital prize management platform, which will be implemented by the CPA in 2019, will help to manage prize money more rationally and to replenish the fund efficiently, regularly and with the greatest transparency."

If you want to have some closer information about the economic history of the Transition Fund please click here 


Application forms for the Career and Transition Fund and the Regulation for the application

VERY IMPORTANT: In accordance with Article 0 of the Regulations of the Fund, the deadline for the requests for 2020 ended last Friday, January 31th. The access to the Form and Regulation is only maintained for informational purposes and in order to complete the documentation of applications opened before the deadline. 


The Application Forms must be filled out and send to the CPA by mail or e-mail.

Address: Route Industrielle, La Mélée, c/o Centre Mondial du Cyclisme, CH 1860 Aigle, Suisse
Xavier Jan - CPA Treasurer, Prize money and Transition Fund working group manager -
Lorenzo Cipres - Transition Fund working group officer -

Download the forms for the application of the Career and Transition Fund and the regulation for the application here.

Application form Regulation
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