Alessandra Cappellotto, President of CPA Women and Vice-President of the Association of Professional Cyclists in Italy will be the rider’s representative at the Giro d’Italia Donne

de 01/07/21


President of CPA Women Alessandra Cappellotto is looking forward to supporting the riders at the Giro d’Italia Donne 2021 as CPA’s rider’s representative. Cappellotto is a former cycling professional, Olympian and world champion.


Alessandra will liaise with riders throughout the race and listen and respond to their concerns and share them with the UCI, organisers, commissaires – and all other parties.


Riders have had their voices heard in the planning of the event thanks to the collaborative conversations facilitated by CPA Women.


The Giro Donne is a favourite of the women’s peloton. They love the challenging climbs and consider the Giro is iconic for these. And they welcomed the commitment of organiser PMG Sports to supporting riders by committing to 4 star hotels wherever possible. The one exception is where there are only 3 star hotels in the area. PMG agreed that for riders to perform at their best over challenging routes, they should be rested.


Riders were also able to discuss the safety aspects of the parcours – with increased street furniture and potholes being an issue in the past. Organisers were able to confirm one new stretch of tarmac and confirm that they would continue this discussion.


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