The safety of riders at the center of the CPA Steering Committee

from 10/12/20

The Steering Committee of the International Association of Riders will be held next Monday, December 14th. Mr. Gianni Bugno, president of the CPA, will discuss with the representatives of the world union and invites all athletes to participate to take stock at the end of a complex season due to Covid-19, in which competitive cycling has managed to be saved thanks to the effort and commitment of all the stakeholders involved. 
Provided on the agenda there are:

  • the change of the CPA statute
  • the plan for the Transition Fund
  • the work of the CPA Women led by Alessandra Cappellotto regarding women's cycling
  • the project to improve communication within the CPA and the peloton
  • the safety at races after yesterday's Professional Cycling Council (CCP)

«We are quite satisfied because the stakeholders listened and shared all our requests, especially on the three main points that were crucial for us and the riders, namely the homologation of barriers and protections; the minimum mandatory distance between riders and vehicles, (as well as the reduction in speed when overtaking and the traffic during the race), which too often also affects the result of the races; the evaluation in advance of the race course to avoid unacceptable risks such as those produced by downhill finishes, sharp turns, bottlenecks and exaggerated fatigue that endangers the health of the riders with too long and heavy stages. In the meetings we attended, we also discussed about water bottles, disc brakes, radios (earphones), risky positions on the saddle and much more, to make the races for men and women safer and more sustainable starting from next season» explains the CPA president, Mr. Gianni Bugno
«We believe it is essential that the race course get evaluated upstream by an independent commission and possibly with the involvement of the riders, the leading experts on the safety of the race courses. The UCI, the organizers and the teams have shown themselves to be very open to our proposals and we are happy that from January 1st 2021 the first new rules on safety will come into force. The discussion on safety will also continue into the first months of 2021 but I am confident that many of our requests will become concrete sooner. I would like to thank Philippe Gilbert and Matteo Trentin, who have worked together with the members of the CPA, to advance the riders’ ideas in the numerous meetings of the last period and I ask all the women and men athletes to provide us with further ideas so that we can do an even more effective job for them. On safety, as in defending the rights of the riders, we will continue to be adamant».


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