from 06/09/20

From the roads of the Tour de France comes the appeal of the riders to a responsible and respectful cheering. Cycling has started up again and, to do so, the whole peloton is undergoing regular tests and is limiting its contacts to allow the regular course of the races, by safeguarding the health of all the people involved.
To avoid that the Tour stops also the fans must do their part. They are welcome beside the road to encourage the athletes during the Grande Boucle and the many races that have returned to ignite the passion of all the cyclists worldwide but they have to behave correctly, means wearing the masks correctly and respect social distancing.
«Our delegate in France, Mr. Pascal Chanteur has asked the ASO to reinforce the controls in areas where the pace is low and the public has the opportunity to get close to the athletes, as happens on the climbs. We ask the fans who go to the races for attention and respect: please show your affection for the champions by encouraging them at a safe distance. We cannot allow our boys and girls to be infected doing their job. This would hit the riders and their families hard, and it would jeopardize the riders' careers since a positive Covid19 test results in an immediate expulsion from the race» underlines the President of the International Riders Association (the CPA) Mr. Gianni Bugno.
We will return to shake hands and hug each other, to receive autographs from our sport stars and to pose with them for a souvenir photo. In the meantime we should show our esteem towards the athletes by bringing respect towards their job and their hard effort.


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