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From May 4, all sports or physical activities will be allowed individually. In any case, it will be mandatory to respect the interpersonal safety distance of at least 2 meters for sports and at least 1 meter for all other activities. Therefore, the "proximity to home" is no longer mandatory for exercising and physical activity. All sports must be carried out within the regional borders. The use of the mask is not mandatory unless in close proximity to other people. Even if the mandatory safety distance is 2 m, we recommend keeping a distance of 10 m.

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Italian Riders’ Association:




On May 3rd the Order / 388/2020 was published. It establishes the rules for the opening of certain businesses and services to the public, the opening of archives, and also the practice of professional Sport.
According to the Order, from May 4th, the professional athletes with a regular contract under RD 1006/85 may carry out their training individually under the following conditions:
  •     The training will be individual
  •     The limits of the Province or region where the athlete resides should not be exceeded
  •     Your physicl coach can assist you during the training, as long as he maintains the interpersonal safety distance
  •     The interpersonal safety distance - in case you will meet other riders - has to be of 10 meters
  •     The rider must take the license to prove his professional cyclist status

During your training sessions we advise you to bring with:
  • The BOE document (see the link below) printed or saved on your mobile phone
  • A certificate from your cycling team explaining that you are professional cyclist who rides for that team

Spanish Professional Riders Association:




From May 11, you can train outside:
- Whatever is  "the color" of your department
- Within the limit of 100km from your home
- With the possibility to change department
- As long as you ride alone





There is a ban for training outside until May 11th, but it is possible that the quarantine measures will be extended since the number of infected people is constantly increasing.The athletes who live in Moscow, do not have the opportunity to train on the road but in most Russian regions, the police will not stop the cyclists on the road.In many regions of Russia it is allowed to train outside but only individually.Each region has different rules that the riders should check.New rules will be introduced on May 11th.



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