After its Steering Committee, the CPA will meet the UCI

from 04/10/19

On the occasion of the world championship in Yorkshire, the Steering Committee of the CPA, the International Association of the riders, was held.

While Chloe Dygert, Rohan Dennis, Annemiek Van Vleuten and Mads Pedersen wore the rainbow jersey, the representatives of the riders gathered together in Leeds to discuss the most relevant topics for the cycling leading actors. Gianni Bugno and his collaborators invited to the meeting the deputy director of the Cycling Anti-Doping Foundation (CADF) Olivier Banuls to improve the communication between the riders and the body led by Francesca Rossi. The CADF proved to be keen to solve the problems highlighted by the athletes during the antidoping controls inside and outside the races. «It was a very constructive meeting. We agreed on mandatory webinars for the use of the Adams system and proposed that our national associations can help with the training of the new-professional riders of their country on this matter, as we are doing in Italy with our associated member ACCPI» says the CPA president Bugno.

The safety of the riders was another important topic on the table. The CPA has made many polls among the riders and has collected the reports of its races’ delegates with the aim, on October 9, to meet the UCI to illustrate the critical points for the riders’ safety, race by race. The riders’ association will ask the UCI to intervene when the organizers haven't respected the regulations and will propose solutions to make the events safer. «We have several ideas to suggest: a mandatory minimum distance between vehicles and riders, different feeding zones, safer barriers and arrivals for all the races. We would like the protocol in case of extreme weather conditions to be applied to all races, even in the smaller ones. In the interests of all, we will ask for a better collaboration between the UCI safety delegates and the CPA's delegates» continues Bugno.

While the new prize money platform is improving day by day thanks to the uploading of data from all the cycling stakeholders, the CPA has established how to finance the national riders’ associations and an updated regulation of the transition fund will be shortly published on the CPA website In the coming months, the international riders' association will work for the renewal of the Joint agreement with the AIGCP asking the teams for a better insurance coverage for the riders, and for new rules to protect their personal image rights. «The world of e-sports opens a range of business opportunities for all the stakeholders, but it must be clear that the sensitive data such as heart rate and power belong only to the riders. They cannot be exploited without the consent of those directly involved. As we have already pointed out to the Professional Cycling Council, a regulation is needed on this regard» adds the two-times world champion.

Last but not least, the CPA Steering Committee has discussed about women's cycling with the CPA Women division director Alessandra Cappellotto and the president of the new French women cyclists association (AFCC) Elisabeth Chevanne-Brachet. The CPA has also nominated the new responsible of the CPA Continental division, Mr. Staf Scheirlinckx, head of the Belgian riders’ association «We receive many requests for help from the athletes of the smaller categories and we have a plan to propose to the UCI to improve their working conditions. It is not possible that athletes who sometimes compete in the same races of the professional riders have very little working protections» concludes Bugno.

The CPA will make the riders voice heard in the next institutional meetings, starting with the imminent one with the International Cycling Union in October.


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Every two years, the CPA & the AIGCP sign a new joint agreement which establishes the minimum standards for working conditions such as wages and insurance.

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