from 24/06/19

This week the International Association of Riders will meet the Belgian pros. Saturday June 29th, on the eve of the National Championship, the CPA representatives will show the athletes the details and the advantages of the new Belgian Professional Cycling Association (BPCA) that is going to represent them, just as many of them have requested.

Gianni Bugno invites all the pro riders to the meeting to be held at the Holiday Inn Expo Gand (Maaltekouter 3, 9051 Ghent) from 2 to 3pm. Bugno comments that «After Sporta has left we have taken action to ensure the representation of the Belgian pro riders within the CPA and to start a strong and independent association in the country. To achieve this goal the former professional Staf Scheirlinckx is doing a great job. Staf has also already worked for us as a delegate for the Extreme Weather Conditions protocol at different races and has helped several riders to solve various problems. He is working hard for the good of his colleagues and fellow countrymen and for this I thank him a lot».

The meeting will be a first step for the establishment of the Belgian pro riders association. The national associations gathered in the CPA are fundamental to develop the activity at national level and to be close to the riders. Having a strong representative attending the meetings of the international association and acting as the mouthpiece for the pros in her country is key for the CPA in order to assert itself towards the UCI, the teams, the organizers and the other stakeholders regarding all topics and belongings of professional cycling.

«The riders, from the most-known to those who race for smaller teams, asked us to take action and we did it very willingly. Now I expect their important participation, the CPA is the only institution that can protect and help them since it works fully and exclusively for them, for no profit and without conflicts of interest. We are ready to answer their questions and also potential doubts, this meeting serves precisely this purpose. We want to start this for the riders’ benefit» concludes Bugno, who is currently working with his staff also on new associations in the UK, Australia, Poland and Germany.


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