from 13/05/19

The International Association of Riders denounces a problem that is occurring in many races around the world: the excessive proximity of the motorbikes to the athletes during the competitions.

The president of the CPA Gianni Bugno, collects the reports of the main actors of the movement and passes them on to the top road management of the UCI, to the organizers and to all the operators involved in the races. «The safety of our girls and our boys is fundamental, same as the correct execution of the race. The competitive result must be as fair as possible, it cannot be compromised by drawings, which, even if for few seconds can affect the regular development of the event. The riders themselves are asking the motorcyclists, especially those from the TV, to stay at a greater distance from them, whether they are ahead in or in pursuit. The technology we now have at our disposal allows excellent quality shots even at a greater distance than that what, unfortunately, is becoming habitual. We demand greater attention to this intolerable problem, which creates risks for the safety of the athletes, influences the development of the competitions and jeopardizes the real value of the athletes» comments the two-time world champion while attending this year’s Giro d'Italia.

At the UCI Security Commission meeting in June the CPA will vehemently campaign for a minimum safety distance between vehicles and riders already presented in previous meetings. In the meantime and before dealing with the regulations in force, all the operators in the race are asked to demonstrate a greater sensitivity to this request that comes directly from those who are interested in delivering safe, fair and spectacular competitions.


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