The CPA aims at an even more effective communication

from 08/05/19

The new communication system designed by the International Association of Riders will officially start at this year’s Giro d’Italia. Thanks to a dedicated group on Telegram, to which all the participants in the pink race have access, the CPA delegate will be able to instantly talk to the riders and receive immediate feedbacks from them in order to be able to take shared decisions quickly.

This method of messaging, developed in the races prior of the first of the three grand tours and which will be repeated in all the World Tour races of the season, will allow the group to be constantly updated thanks to the sharing of text messages, audio and video files among all those present at the race.

Gianni Bugno, president of the CPA, explains in this regard: «This initiative fits well into our safety plan, whose objective is to prevent as much as possible any problems that may be encountered during a race and to avoid them for the upcoming editions. The riders are proving to be very receptive and we hope that also the organizers and the UCI will be enough proactive and understand that our recommendations are aimed at protecting the athletes and professional cycling. We hope that all the partecipants in the game appreciate our effort and will listen to us. By working together we can offer a great show, in which safety for the riders must be in first place. I believe in teamwork».

In June, the CPA will participate at the UCI’s Technical and Regulation Working Group and will show the results of the reports collected by the CPA delegates and the riders who took part in this year's races.


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