Bugno invites a rider for each team to the CPA Steering Committee

from 22/02/19

The Steering Committee of the International Riders Association will be held in Kortrijk, Belgium, on Thursday, February 28th and Friday, March 1st. Gianni Bugnohas invited to the meeting, in addition to the CPA members, a rider for each team. It had never happened before.

«The meetings with the riders of the last few months have been successful. We want a direct dialogue with the men and women riders who are part of the group, our work must be as transparent and open as possible with the athletes, since it is carried out only for the riders' interest. The creation of new national associations to be incorporated in the international union is fundamental» explains the CPA president, who is doing his best with his staff to increase the representativeness of the union in different countries.

The agenda includes the approval of the budget, a discussion on the request for the prize money increase, on the revaluation of the transition fund and on the Joint Agreement, an update on the UCI Reform and on the new regulations that have already come in force this year. «In the last Professional Cycling Council we pointed out to the International Cycling Union that the fines for the riders are too high. Following the numerous complaints received from the riders, we have asked for a fines revision and we have obtained a working group to re-discuss the sanctions» adds Bugno.

«As promised, we also met the directors of the Cycling Anti-Doping Foundation (CAFD), to whom we had reported some cases of non-respect of the athletes private life during the antidoping controls. The CADF members assured to the CPA that they have opened some investigations towards the controllers who apparently did not act compliantly with the protocols. They also said that they are working to improve the Adams app that the athletes use to provide their availability for the "out of competition" anti-doping controls. The CPA is doing a big effort to improve the communication with the riders and with all the parts involved in the riders' work. We hope that the athletes will also try to be more active in participating in the life of the association» continues Bugno.

The CPA Steering Committee attendees will also talk about the growth of the women's movement, the Continental division and about new business opportunities for the riders. The new prize money management that has just started will be a central topic of the agenda as well as the CPA goals for the riders safety at the races. On this regard the CPA in recent days in Milan, Italy, have met Vincent Jourdain, a UCI race operation manager and Robbie Hunter, a UCI security technical advisor, in order to work together to prevent some problems happened in the past in some races.

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