from 20/12/18

Last week the International Association of Riders met the men and women cyclists of the highest category in Germany. In Frankfurt, at the Sport Academy Hotel, the union led by Gianni Bugno, which has among its goals the creation of national associations that can protect the interests of the riders, has met with top athletes like André GreipelJohn DegenkolbMax Walscheid and Mario Vogt, the vice president of the German Cycling Federation (BDR) Udo Sprenger and the general secretary Martin Wolf, who showed their interest in the policy of globalization of the CPA and said they were in favor of the creation of a German association of professional cyclists.

Also attending the meeting were Prof. Dr. Rainer Cherkeh, CPA's  lawyer for Germany, and the former pro rider Paul Voss, who in recent years has taken part in CPA meetings as a spokesperson for the German riders.

«Paul's work was precious, but to make the voice of the riders in his country sound even louder, we have to take a step further. The creation of a national association is the best solution for athletes to be actively represented in the CPA steering committee and take part in the working groups we have created on various issues and that are important for the riders' job. We are happy that all riders share our thoughts. Even those who could not physically attend the meeting urged us to continue in this direction. All riders must be able to count on us» comments Bugno, on the occasion supported by the CPA general secretary Laura Mora.

The next appointment for the start of the new German association will be at the end of April, coinciding with the classic race Eschborn-Frankfurt which many German riders will attend. That meeting will also be the first constituent assembly of the new German association, with the presence of most pro athletes. In the meantime, the CPA will continue to work with the riders on the development of all needed legal and financial aspects for the association.

Furthermore Gianni Bugno and his staff are planning to meet soon the riders of other countries that still do not have a national association to listen to their questions and to help them out with their requests, as it happened in the meeting in Frankfurt.


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