The election for the President of the CPA took place yesterday in Innsbruck, during this year’s Cycling World Championship. For the first time and even if the statute of the Riders’ association does not foresee the right to vote for those who did not previously request to become a CPA member, all riders were free to vote for the election of the new President of the CPA, the Riders’ association. 
The election took place from 9 am until 5 pm, in a dedicated room and it was voted in secret ballot. All CPA members could vote during the association’s assembly, from 2.30 pm to 6 pm. The election result was clearly in favor of Gianni Bugno, the outgoing president, with 379 votes against 96 votes for the other candidate, David Millar. This is was the two candidates stated out right after the election:

David Millar: «I hope my campaign for the presidency has served a purpose, that being to raise awareness of the not only the CPA, but also to energize the riders to care about it.  My mission has been to empower the peloton, and in particular change the voting system, but I realize it takes more time than one month. I have respect for the CPA and what they’ve achieved to date, and I take my hat off to Gianni Bugno, he was a great bike racer, more importantly he’s a good man, I trust him to be the president the riders deserve».

Gianni Bugno: «My goal, in this third nomination, was to find unity among the riders and the authority of the CPA, which got lately stressed because of a quite denigrating media campaign. I’d like to work together with everyone and also with David Millar in order to make the CPA a better and stronger association in the future. The CPA has to become even more the Riders’ Association and I will change our Statute to adapt them to the current times».

During the CPA Assembly there were also elected the new secretary general and the new treasurer. For the first time ever the new general secretary of the CPA will be a lady, Mrs. Laura Mora who has taken over from David Chassot. Xavier Jan was unanimously elected as new treasurer of the CPA.


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