How the president of the CPA gets voted?


Dear riders, In order to make clear how the president of the CPA gets voted, we send you herewith the following. In particular, we would like to answer these two points:
1) Some riders are asking us to vote for the president of the CPA with an electronic vote. 2) Some say that the CPA wants to hide the voting methods of the president of the CPA
1) The CPA has nothing against the electronic vote, but it is not possible to apply it a few weeks before the election. To change an established voting method it is necessary to give guarantees on the integrity and validity of new methods, to avoid manipulations of any kind and this involves time, costs, technologies that cannot be put in place a few weeks before the vote. It is especially necessary that our major body, the UCI, give us the consent to implement this new system. The Statute of the CPA does not provide for this type of vote and every democratic association, to be called such, must respect its given regulations. We are surprised about some attacks we receive on social media because our Statute, in force since the birth of the CPA, has always been published on our website and available to everybody. Particularly, the members of the CPA such as the ANAPRC, which are requesting the electronic vote, should be aware of the regulations and could have requested a change of the voting methods in due time. The second reflection we are presenting to you is: why, if the current voting system is not considered democratic, there was not petition for the electronic vote when the President of the Athletes Commission got elected? Even in that case only the riders participating in the World Tour could vote and there was not electronic vote, since this it is not foreseen in the UCI regulations.  
2) The CPA has absolutely no intention to hide in any way the method of voting. Indeed, the CPA intends to make it clear to everybody. Since the CPA wants to avoid both attacks on this and any misunderstanding, we have asked the UCI legal department to give a final statement on the voting system. So it will be the UCI to finally say if the riders’ requests on a distance and electronic vote can be either applied or not. As soon as we will have an answer, we give you a feed back.
To conclude, there is a topic that we want to be clear: from the beginning of its mandate, Gianni Bugno said he wanted the CPA to represent the largest possible number of riders and national associations. To this end, the CPA financed the birth of a new American association, the ANAPRC, and supported the presence of new members of various nationalities, during all the CPA meetings. We have repeatedly solicited these people to become effective national associations, as our Statute requires. The CPA is always ready to finance and support the foundation of new associations in order to allow riders to have a valid interlocutor on every problem in their country. All this is documented in the Minutes of our meetings of the last few years. We are surprised that we are getting attacked right by those people which we have supported and encouraged in the past. Due to the fact that there were quite some national association missing in some countries, we decided to communicate directly with the riders through emails. We wonder why no person sitting at our table or any rider has ever asked us to change the way the CPA president gets voted until today.

Until we wait for the UCI response on the voting method for the president of the CPA, we remind you what our Statute does foreseen: 

  • all PROFESSIONAL riders can individually vote if they are not already represented by their national association
  • EVERY national association member recognized by the CPA can vote
  • They can do so by attending physically the voting meeting which will take place this year during the World Championships in Innsbruck.  

To have a large number of voters, we have planned to start the election already in the morning. Here are the details:
When? Thursday 27 September 2018
At what time? From 10am to 5pm
Where? Hotel Das Mei, Natterer Str. 20, 6162 Mutters - AUSTRIA
The elections will take place in the presence of lawyers and UCI officials who will ensure the correct performance of the same.
Thank you for your attention, best regards.  


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