CPA proposals for the PCC about the new UCI rules application

from 14/04/21

Today the CPA and CPA women will attend the Professional Cycling Council (PCC) meeting and put forward some proposals for solving the critical issues that have arised from the new UCI rules.

  1. The riders support the commitment and goals set by the cycling stakeholders to ensure greater safety at the races and they are sensitive to the ecology issue. The riders will therefore show their commitment to nature conservation in the race, but demand a distinction between littering and passing water bottle to fans. A litter lost in the wind is a shame, a bidon passed to the public is a gift!

  2. The riders with their experience and common sense undertake not to put spectators at risk. Passing the water bottles in a safe way is possible if done at low speed (uphill, for example)and routes that don’t show safety concerns (not in urban areas where there are obstacles, sidewalks etc..).

  3. The riders demand a training for the commissaires for the new rules and that a disqualification should always be preceded by a warnings (yellow/red card).

  4. The financial fines are too high! Especially for lower categories.

  5. The riders would like that only companies producing bidons and food with biodegradable materials are admitted and that the stakeholders should ask manufactures for safer bottle cages.

  6. The riders request frequent and green areas clearly defined and demand that there be always one few kms before the finish line in all races, even the minor ones.

  7.  It is requested that the fines collected by the UCI are used for purposes useful to the riders such as safety or, in this specific case, the ecology of cycling.

  8. The CPA and the riders have actively participated in the safety working groups and are keen to continue working with all stakeholders for an increasingly fair, sustainable and spectacular sport.


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