The CPA renews its bylaws: ok for electronic voting and even stronger rider participation

from 11/03/21

The CPA General Assembly discussed important news for the international association of cyclists. President Gianni Bugno spoke with members of the Steering Committee, representatives of national associations and riders who attended the meeting which was held online on Monday March 8th.

The 2020 budget and forecasts for 2021 were approved, the majority of those present voted for the new bylaws which will allow electronic voting for the 2022 elections. They formalized the introduction of the women's section CPA WOMEN, created a rider’s council and established that even individual riders who do not have a national association in their country will be able to join the CPA as individual members. The assembly also decided to open up to the continental world, by accepting the registration of athletes belonging to UCI Continental teams who have a contract which respects the joint agreement. «They are riders who exercise their profession with the same professionalism as their colleagues on the World Tour and who, more than they, need to be protected. We would like to be able one day extend the joint agreement to male and female riders in emerging countries where, too often, second category riders do not have the rights they deserve» Bugno explains.

Regarding the approved changes to the CPA bylaws, Gianni Bugno added: «In the coming months, we intend to work closely with female and male athletes who wish to give their opinions on the decisions taken so that our new organization best represents their expectations and that dialogue remains open with all riders. We will conduct group discussions with team representatives so that communication within the group is more effective and generalized, even in this complicated period during the season».

The Assembly welcomed the new Colombian association Asociación Colombiana de Ciclistas (ASCICOL), which will be chaired by lawyer Gustavo Pinilla, and reiterated the importance that in each nation the riders are represented by an association because the athletes are very busy with the racing season and seldom have the opportunity to participate personally in discussions that concern them.

Regarding the Transition fund, the CPA will continue with payments to the athletes who finished their careers in 2019 and 2020. «We are continuing the search for funding as well as to recover the funds that some organisers still owe us, and researching what strategies we can implement to make this fund more functional. Like a “good father”, the CPA must carefully distribute the available budget, which due to a structural deficit, is lower than the demands of a growing group, in order to satisfy even the riders who will stop their careers at the end of the season. Due to the pandemic, great uncertainty persists in the working world but I am convinced that cycling will once again be able to overcome these obstacles and take advantage of the opportunities that it will encounter on its way. As we always say, united we are stronger».


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